Amy trained in ballet, jazz, and hip-hop for 14 years while she was growing up. She is currently a dance major at BYU and performs with BYU's Contemporary Dance Theatre. She has done work with Repertory Dance Theatre in Salt Lake City, and is now dancing with SALT 2 in Draper. She hopes to dance professionally after graduation, and to continue her education with a Masters of Fine Arts. Amy loves dance, and loves sharing her passion with others.


Jenny grew up in sunny central Florida where she trained in ballet, contemporary, jazz, tap, hip hop, and musical theater at Jenni’s Dance Company. Inspired by her teacher to further her dance education, she pursued a degree in dance from Brigham Young University. While attending BYU she had countless opportunities to grow as a performer and choreographer as a member of dancEnsemble as well as through participation in several senior projects. Opportunities to gain teaching experience came with membership of Kinnect Dance Company and as a Dance Specialist in BYU’s Arts Bridge program. Jenny has taught dance in public school classrooms across Utah as well as in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Between these busy semesters of performing and teaching she worked as a performer at Walt Disney World from May 2012-June 2014. She has been teaching dance classes at the Covey Center since September 2014. Jenny will be graduating from BYU with her B.A. in Dance Performance in December 2015.


Odessa (Jessica Menasian) was born into troupe Little Armenia four decades ago, as much a gypsy as one could be.  Thanks to her Mireeg's enchanting dancing and singing as she grew up, her background is rooted in folk music and dance passed down from mother to daughter.  She fell in love with “bellydance” in 1996 and quickly recruiting her mother (Sirana) and sister (Araylia).  In 2004 her dance audition was accepted by her mentor, Halima (creator and director of Desert Gypsy Dance Company).  Over the past two decades Odessa has accentuated her folk foundation by taking dozens of professional dance intensives, boot camps, and workshops.Currently Odessa is an instructor for the Covey Center Middle Eastern Dance program in Provo, UT; as well as dance member of troupe Desert Gypsyand co-director for Desert Gypsy Dance Company.  But her greatest joy is as a member of Little Armenia, a troupe of 3 (mother/daughter/sister), which is still going strong and continues to bring her closer to her roots. Outside of dance Odessa strives to be the mother that her mother is to her; and with three incredibly creative children to inspire her, dance holds unlimited possibilities.


Araylia (Adra Taylor) grew up dancing through childhood with her mother, Sirana, and sister, Odessa, dancing her way through life.  From dancing in the kitchen to gymnastic classes to majoring in dance at Utah Valley University, her dance experience continues to lead her through life.  She started taking Middle Eastern Dance classes through the UVU Community Ed program when she was 19 years old and has continued learning and teaching to this day.  The sisterhood that Middle Eastern Dance creates is what inspires Araylia to continue creating and sharing her love for this elegant artform.