• Rock Canyon-103 (1)

    Provo Photo Contest

    Calling all photographers – professionals, amateurs, and students! Try your luck in Provo’s 2nd annual citywide photography contest. The contest is from Monday, May 18, 2015 through Sunday, July 26, 2015 and promises to be a real opportunity for everyone and anyone with an eye for the interesting visual moment. Adults, teenagers, children, amateurs and professionals can submit an entry. Just make sure that the picture you submit for the contest is taken in Provo. So look around, notice what’s going on. Let others see what you see: that mountain morning light, a concert crowd at the Rooftop Concert Series, the bustling downtown scene, climbers at Rock Canyon, or the unique architecture in a historic Provo building.

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  • Provo Bike Challenge

    Provo Bike Challenge

    May is National Bike Month. If you’ve been looking for a good reason to park your car and take your bike instead – this is it! Monday, May 4, 2015 through Friday, May 29, 2015 is the first annual Provo Bike Challenge. Participants are asked to record their daily/weekly miles ridden on nationalbikechallenge.org and points and prizes will be awarded throughout the challenge.

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  • Provo Budget

    Provo Newsletter

    Extra! Read all about it! Check out May's Newsletter & June's Calendar and read about: Provo City's Budget, Utah Valley Marathon Road Closure, Provo Farmers Market, Utah Lake Festival, Flood Information, Spring Tree Pruning Tips, and more!

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  • Provo Flag

    New Provo Flag

    It's official! Here is the new Provo City flag! Following two full years of discussions, resident comments and drawings, and blogs the Municipal Council selected the symbol that will represent Provo on the city's flagpoles. The City Council unanimously approved the new Provo City Flag during Council Meeting.

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  • Provo Rocks

    Stay up to Date

    Provo Rocks! Stay up to date on all of the cool things happening in Provo. Sign up for official city emails and receive exclusive Provo City announcements, news, events, and meetings.

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  • 311

    Just Dial 3-1-1

    If there were a 3-digit number to call for fast response, would you use that number? What if you could call the same guy about the burned-out street light on your corner, the growing pothole that keeps catching your car's tire and the neighbor's unsightly garbage cans? Just dial 3-1-1 for just about anything troublesome. The dedicated, friendly, customer service reps can answer simple questions: "What day is my garbage picked up? When is the next city council meeting? Where do I go to vote? They can pass along complaints, suggestions, and resolve concerns.

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